Nuri Otus is an entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley


As CEO of txtsmarter, Nuri Otus, brings a lifetime in the Silicon Valley community to bear. He has assembled a top group of investors and professionals to address the multibillion-dollar text marketplace. txtsmarter is positioned to leverage the massive SMS and iMessage space with innovation and creative thinking. He has built a career in asset management reallocation for Apple Computer, IBM, Sony, Toshiba, Acer, Sun Microsystems, as well as major financial institutions, venture capital firms and private equity groups. He has managed the reassignment of a total of over $2 billion of capital assets.

Before founding txtsmarter, Nuri founded an online asset reallocation company, AuctioNet, which grew from zero to $55 Million in 5 years. In addition to heading up sales and running the business, he oversaw platform and application development. With AuctioNet, Nuri was on the ground floor of eCommerce in the mid-90s. The company would gain funding from numerous high-profile investors, including Oracle Corporation, CBS and ZDNET. With the help of great partnerships and Nuri’s Presidency, AuctioNet would grow to serve over seventy million visitors monthly — a staggering amount of traffic. An interesting project from this time in Nuri’s career was the One Million Bottles of Wine auction. Wine.com, a victim of the tech-bubble bursting in the late 90s, needed to liquidate their over one million bottle inventory. Nuri and AuctioNet spearheaded the auction, which took place in the heart of the American wine world, Napa Valley. The event attracted over 140,000 bidders and was dubbed the largest wine auction ever.

Nuri Otus thrives in business by approaching every opportunity as a challenge. His strengths are envisioning a clear business strategy and effectively communicating that vision to his partners. This leads to successful marketing and business development initiatives. Nuri’s leadership develops and fosters alliances that strengthen organizations and can drive revenue generation.

As a business leader and serial entrepreneur, Nuri has developed and refined a set of beliefs that guide his personal and professional life. Nuri is determined to be a source of positive energy. He challenges himself to give more than he takes, and to live life as an adventure. These beliefs have led him to substantial success, in and out of the boardroom.

Nuri has been featured on CNN and on ABC, CBS and NBC Broadcast Television News, and in Computer Reseller News, Business 2.0 Magazine, the New York Times, USA Today and Time Magazine. Nuri’s reputation precedes him.

In the community, Nuri served on the Boards of the San Mateo Babe Ruth Baseball, Hillsborough Little League, West Bay Rams, all Bay Area non-profit organizations. Nuri has led fund raising events for non-profit organizations including: Make a Wish Foundation, Special Olympics, PARCA, Camp Okizu, Avalon Academy, NFL Alumni Association, San Mateo Foster City School District, Pacific Autism Center, Nativity School, Nueva School, Kara, Gentry Magazine, and CORA. His appetite for philanthropic endeavors stems from his personal creed and world view.

Nuri wants to make a difference and through his participation and engagement in his community, he has done so.